Pei Ja Anderson is the author of Consequences of Flight, a poetry book on the intersections of grief, Asian-American identity, and femininity, published by New Degree Press. 

Consequences of Flight

"Consequences of Flight is for anyone longing for something just out of focus, which describes us all. This collection, an elegant interrogation of loss, family, and becoming, is excellent company." - Ellen O'Connell Whittet, Author of What We Become in Flight "I think anyone who has been through a similar situation will be affected by them, and those who haven't will come out with a better understanding." - Bob Krut, Author of The Now Dark Sky, Setting Us All on Fire, and This is the Ocean

Super Sweet 100s

When I think of the meals my mother and I have shared, I am not hit with a wave of culinary nostalgia. There are no wafts of homemade sugar cookie frosting in the air or hearty scents of a pot roast baking in the oven over the holidays. Food has never been my mother’s love language. As a child, I dreamt of having the kind of mother who dutifully baked and chopped and peeled, whose primary domain was the kitchen. It seemed to me that cooking and feeding were traits a woman naturally assumed without effort after having children.

The Fault in Our Star Signs

Thanks to the popularity of the well-known app, Co-Star, astrology is more prominent than ever this year. From Twitter accounts dedicated to posting daily horoscopes with half a million followers to Instagram pages that relate the signs to viral memes, astrology has long since graduated from the back pages of printed newspapers and taken on a life — and cult following — of its own. From Urban Outfitters graphic tees to dating apps, it has infiltrated nearly all domains of social life — I recentl

Chinese-Born American

She pushes the camera in my direction again and raises her eyebrows as if saying, “Why don’t you understand?” And again I say, You’re not actually one of us. She turns her back to me, rejoining a group of four Chinese girls no older than sixteen posing in front of a lookout point. Hailuogou glacier in the Garze Tibetan region. The girls wear long-sleeves and tights down to their ankles. Each holds a pastel umbrella. I pant as I look out at this landscape. One I never believed could be locate

Local Porn Stars Rise to Fame by Keeping it Real

In the quest for authenticity, influencers are curating a new type of aesthetic. Today, trendiness is no longer measured by the number of likes on your avocado toast pictures and hyper-posed selfies but instead by the relatability of your content. Realism has replaced aspiration. Recently, sites like Instagram and Pornhub champion content creators who’ve managed to perfect this amateur aesthetic. Through ad revenue, brand deals and sponsorships, “influencing” has established itself beyond Gen Z

What I Wished I Knew About the One-Child Policy

I had never put my adoption into historical context because there was never a need to. There was no reason, before this, not to be satisfied with the story I grew up knowing and believing. My parents were honest people, my adoption was never hidden or made secret. I didn’t know other sides of the story existed until then. The film progressed and my thighs inched further and further off the edge of my seat as I leaned into the screen, watching this documentary dismantle piece by piece the story

The Season of Animal Crossing

We’ve seen the memes. We’ve seen the Snapchat stories. It’s not COVID-19. I’m talking about Animal Crossing and how it’s staked its claim as a cultural phenomenon of 2020. Since shelter-in-place orders and social distancing regulations swept across the country, the video game industry has boomed. They’ve become a unique source of solace and remedy to the inevitable boredom of staying inside all day for long-time video game lovers and especially for the new and uninitiated. There’s something for

Unpeeling the Layers of Identity: What “Asian-American” Means To Me

Lucy Liu, famed Asian-American actress and one of the three Charlie’s Angels (in the 2000 reboot), will receive a Hollywood Walk of Fame star next to Anna May Wong, the first Chinese-American actress to grace American film screens. Last year, “Crazy Rich Asians” racked up $238.5 million at box offices worldwide. Asian-Americans are breaking the bamboo ceiling with a bang. 2019 is the year of Asian-American representation in pop-culture and media. We are no longer being portrayed as racist arche

8 Important Essentials For Ever Bagger Motorcycle

Here are 8 items that we would encourage all bagger motorcyclists to take with them on longer rides. Most riders understand the need for helmets and protective gear, but there are other pieces of gear and devices that add an extra layer of security and comfort. Whether you're a veteran rider or new to the open road, these 8 will definitely come in handy on those long road trips. • Emergency Communicator In an emergency, hitting the “SOS” button notifies the GEOS Rescue Coordination Center, initi

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